Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pics for Pa

Upon discovering the New Belgium Brewery was closed on the day I was there...

Hard at work on top of the pile while the volunteers took care of the nailing.

What 5 homes look like.

Memory stick reader thing is working better, so was able to get some pics up. Still looking for a new place to live at the moment. Doing so cheaply in Boulder is not an easy task, but I guess there are places worse off, so I can't really complain. Went to a Damien Rice concert this past Monday, that was pretty good.

We have ran out of time at the armory, but still don't have the foundation in due to continuing issues with contractors, so am in the process of building a platform on site to store the walls until that gets taken care of, going to attempt to move them all over a couple blocks to the site throughout this week.

Found another new musician:
Like the last two songs on there at least if you want to check it out. Get a lot of good music coming through here in Boulder. Have some smaller venues that get some good artists that are on the up and coming phase.

Oh and the reasoning behind the first picture, went up to Fort Collins for a sustainable living fair last weekend with Mike, Abigail, and little Robby. Some good stuff, but it was a two day event and most of the stuff I was interested in took place on the other day, oh well.

Friday, September 21, 2007


So just finished up my volleyball league at the indoor sand courts. Had the end of the season "tournament" last night, with a somewhat questionable format. Top 8 teams in the league got split into two groups that played a pool format, one game against the other three teams in your pool. Top two from each pool advance. That part is fine, but then after that, it didn't become a playoff format, just another 1 game pool play. As it played out, we won all three in our first pool, then went 2-1 in the second pool. The team we lost to won all three of their's so got 1st place and we got second. We beat them in the first pool, however, so were 1-1 against them on the night, but the order of the wins decided who was 1st. Not that it's a big deal, 1st got a $30 gift certificate there and 2nd got $20, huge prizes...but would like to play an actual 3 game match to decide that stuff. Playing a lot better and getting some big hits, so I guess all is good.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Success, sort of

Lots of hail

Professional guy who "turned" the caber everyone else couldn't get
Yeah! we have a foundation. Too bad this one is going to sit there until next spring and the one we have the full permits to work on, the plumber is being dumb about things

Couldn't find a new cable for my camera, but did find a USB adapter for the memory card, so in a round about way, can get pics off my camera. Doesn't like some of the pictures though for some reason, so refused to copy them.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Highlands festival...

So, still no camera cable, try to pick that up tomorrow so can add pictures. Went up to Estes Park to a Scottish/Irish Highlands festival that I guess is world famous. Lots of people. Saw some guys do the caber toss, but the one they were trying to flip over I guess was too much and none of the guys succeeded when we were there. Just saw the amateurs though, the world championship professional types do it tomorrow. One of them came on and flipped it a couple times for the ESPN cameras and made it look pretty easy, which I'm guessing it is, just a big stick after all.

Attempted to find some seats for the jousting competition, which led to the heartwarming/reassurance about the goodness of humanity moment of the day. Single grandstand overlooking the rodeo circle where they have the joust. As noted above, lots o people, which meant there were no seats, though the friends I was with (including my Scottish boss in his kilt) walked around trying to find a spot, then gave up and headed for the exit. Upon reaching the exit came across a bit of a jam of people trying to get in and us trying to get out just as the joust started. I have never been the central focus of so much hatred in my life. People began to scream at us to get out of the way, in spite of the fact that at the moment there was no place for us to go. Topped by one lady standing up, giving me a look like I had just kicked her dog, and yelling that she had been waiting in her seat an hour and a half to watch the event, which immediately brings two questions to mind, do you have nothing better to do than wait 90 minutes for a joust? and if this is the culminating point of your life couldn't you pick a better seat than one that would obviously be blocked by anyone walking on the walkway(intended, coincidentally, as a place for people to walk from one place to another)? When the path finally cleared, we made our exit with a smile and a "have a nice day", though my voice tone may have given away the sincerity of that statement.

Other than that, currently listening to some acoustic instrumental guy at the coffee shop and the hawks are up 28-0 on syracuse, so today is good

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The latest...

So we built some more walls today...unfortunately our plumber is the latest contractor to give us the run around, refusing to do any work because they claim to be waiting for the excavator to put in the water meter pits, even though everyone we've talked to says they don't have to wait, can just stub out there stuff outside the building and then the excavators will connect everything up. Sorry for the non-construction folks out there that that made no sense to. Point being, we are being delayed once again...grr...

On a brighter note, went to see Rocco Deluca last night, pretty good show. Kind of makes me think of a mix between Damien Rice(going to see in two weeks) and Ben Harper, definitely a good thing. Check out a couple of his songs on his myspace page if you want...
Plenty of good music out here.

Been playing a lot of volleyball since I got out here, sometimes 4-5 times a week. Mostly open nets, but am on a Thursday night indoor sand league at an old warehouse on the way down to Denver. Playing a lot better with so much practice, now only hit the ball into the net half the time...

Hmm...there is probably more stuff, but the coffee shop is closing and kicking me out along with my internet connection, so more later