Saturday, January 26, 2008

Well that was fun...

So we had a bit of wind this morning. 40 mph sustained, 72 mph gusts (thank you National Center for Atmospheric Research, conveniently located here in Boulder). Another company had their fence blown over, but ours was fine, so everything appeared to be ok when I got to the site. As I am setting up for the day a guy comes up to me and says some of our blueboard (1" styrofoam insulation that adds an R-5 value that we get from Dow for free) is in his yard. So I'm thinking, a couple chunks got blown away, no big deal. I take a closer look, an entire bundle (72 4x8 ft sheets) gone. They were wrapped in plastic to hold it all together, but somehow it must have gotten ripped on something and the blue foam carnage began. 2304 sq ft of foam scattered over a 5-6 block area. Of course, that is just the area we searched during our cleanup. I did see a couple pieces across the highway 5 blocks away in some evergreens. After that line of trees though, there is nothing east of there for the foam to catch on, so who knows how far away some ended up. All told, it took about 8 of us just under two hours to catch it all and bring it back to our trailer to store it out of the wind. So yeah, fun stuff.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More pics of the little ones

The two of them

Told you he doesn't mind where he sleeps

Monday, January 21, 2008

Been a while

Aidan isn't picky about where he falls asleep

Mom and Ella taking a siesta

How not to shim a window. Pic is a little screwy because my computer still doesn't like to read my memory card too well. The middle and right side of the window had just about as many shims.

Recent snow fall. The Lumina is buried off to the right. Actually had to shovel off the car before work that day.

Since the last update, not much new has been going on (hence it's been a while). Went home for Christmas for a little over a week. Got to see baby Ella for the first time, most easy going baby ever. Sleeps through just about everything (a must with big brother Aidan being the noise-maker extraordinaire that he is) and doesn't seem to get upset too often. Aidan has become quite the talker since the last time I had seen him before I moved. He was a little too unsure of me to give me a hug when I first saw him, but was more than eager to introduce me to Lightning McQueen and the rest of his cars from his favorite movie.

Since coming back, things have been pretty busy at the site. We rented a boom lift for a week or so to put up all the high stuff (sub-fascia, soffit, fascia) that would have been difficult or impossible to do with scaffold or ladders. A little testy at times, not so fun when the wind picks up and you are bouncing around 20 feet in the air, but overall worked out well. The plumbing has passed inspection and the mechanical is just about done. Electrician should be done within a week or so. We continue to plug away at little stuff and put on siding when we can, though the weather this week might limit that. Current highs are topping out around 15 or so, but the site is kind of exposed and windy, so we get quite the chill.

On a good cold note, got to go snowshoeing for the first real time last week up at Rocky Mountain NP. Was a lot of fun, though the trail was a bit heavily used and compacted, so only really needed the snowshoes in certain spots. Planning on going some more and would like to do a hut trip at some point before the winter is over if anyone wants to come out and play in the snow...Unfortunately, no pictures from the trip due to the camera batteries dying in the cold.

Currently reading the book "Marley and Me" by John Grogan, about a family and their excitable/destructive lab. It's a pretty good book, up there with Bill Bryson's on my list of fav's, so definitely recommend it.