Sunday, March 2, 2008

Better week on one front at least

So had a pretty decent week on the sporting front. My basketball team won again on Monday night despite being 0 for 20 something from 3 point range where we are usually pretty good. Even got a dunk in the game:) Was cutting through the lane and got a pass from my teammate with the intention of taking it up strong to finish. Must have had my Wheaties that day cuz I was able to catch it and go straight up one handed for the score. Also come to find out that my teammate that grew up about 20 minutes away from me knows my sis, Carrie, and they've even gone to a concert together, small world. Tuesday and Wednesday had some of my best nights ever hitting in volleyball, even beating one of the top teams in our league. Thursday we had our end of season dodgeball tournament. First game I played, threw three balls and got three people out including the last person. Had another game where it came down to me against 5 people and I took them all out. Played real good, but ended up in 4th. Double elimination, lost the first time to the defending champs who won again, and then lost a close one to the 2nd place team which we had actually beaten for their first loss of the night earlier on. Good times though.

Sent the ol' resume in to a couple places and just waiting to hear back now.

It was 75 degrees here yesterday, breaking the old record by 4 degrees. Then snowed 3 inches overnight and was in the low 30s today with a cold wind, go figure:)