Sunday, November 25, 2007

Last couple of weeks

Just the slab, walls off to the left on the platform we made

First floor walls up

Where things stand now. Notice the scaffold on the right. I will spend the next several weeks taking down and putting all of it back up again for the siding, then repeating the process when we

And of course, baby Ella

So, the last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful. At work, the house went from the slab to having the roof framed and sheathed in about two and a half weeks. I'm still convinced we could have done it in not much more time by doing an impromptu blitz build of our own given that we have around 100 volunteer groups on our wait list, but oh well. About half-way done with window installation and have all the siding set to be delivered on Tuesday. Will still be outside a good chunk of this winter putting all of that on. Am putting together a slide show of the building going up. Have been taking pictures every so often from the same spot across the street. Have it on power point, will try to figure out a good way to include it on here.

Outside of work, went and saw Bob Schneider down in Denver a couple weeks ago. Great show, played every song you could ever want to hear and some I hadn't heard before. Had our first snowfall down here last week, a good 5 inches to wake up to. Though that didn't compare to the 21 inches the night before of my new niece Ella Elisabeth. Good segway huh? Speaking of which, bout got run over by 4 guys rolling around on some segway scooters through downtown a couple weeks ago. And an even better tangent...Back to Ella. Not sure anyone reading this doesn't have all the details already, but if so, 8 lbs, 21 inches, born 1:34 am last Tuesday. Will get to see her when I head back for Christmas.

Other random thoughts. Next session of indoor sand volleyball starts this week, so can close my eyes and feel like its summer again. Only downside is that they like to have the end of the season tournament on Saturdays, doesn't fit so well with my Habitat build schedule. Christmas wish list: this kind of money: when I ran into the segway scooters was going to check out a new townhome that our mechanical contractor is working on to see how they used air to air heat exchangers that we are thinking about using. Long story short, this 3 story townhome a block from my place is being sold for 1.4 someone who won't even live in it. Apparently they have a daughter that is starting at CU and they wanted to have a place to stay when they come to visit her. I am pretty sure I will never live in that kind of financial world.