Sunday, October 28, 2007

E-Town show

Went and saw a taping of the show E-Town tonight. It is a nationally syndicated music show based out of the Boulder Theater 5 blocks from my new place. Had some pretty good performances from Matt Nathanson and Ian Ball of the band Gomez . Had the other option of going down to Evergreen to see Hello Dave and The Nadas, but figured they come around more frequently and wanted to finally go to one of the e-town tapings. Gotta like being so close to so much good music.

On another note, both foundations are now poured and we can start putting up walls on Building E. Unfortunately, by "we" I mean a framing company, as it has been decided that we need to speed up the process due to previously mentioned delays. I am not in favor of nor too happy with this decision, but it was beyond my pay grade, so what can you do. Just a little frustrating to not be allowed to do what you were hired to do in the first place...

More pics

Post-tension cables and radon mitigation ready to go

Japhy and cakes hanging out on roommate Jill's bed

I like this dog

All our walls on site cocooned up, waiting to go on the foundation

what you don't want to have happen during an excavation: old piece of the gas line...

Monday, October 22, 2007

New place, cruddy day

So, finally found a new place to live. Just a block off of Pearl St, which is the main downtown street here in Boulder. Now live within walking distance of downtown, grocery stores, ymca, target, work and most importantly the newly renovated REI store. Living with two girls and two dogs. The dogs are both labs and a lot of fun. Roommates are cool too, but the key here is I get to play with the dogs:)

Now for the cruddy day part. Good news is that the plumbing is done and that the foundation guys were out setting up forms today. The radon mitigation system that I was in charge of putting together also needed to be installed today. And then I got sick this morning and had to go home. Did the best I could to show the rest of the team what needed to be done, but didn't want to subject them to the next round of vomiting, so had to go. Feeling better though after sleeping through the afternoon. Also, as I'm sure some of you have heard, the computers crashed for the world series ticket sales, so still going to try to get some when they go on sale again tomorrow. Highly doubt I will get them, but that would be a lot of fun. I just missed out on the last time the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup, so will be nice to be around all the excitement.

Other than that, things are well, we will have the foundation for building E poured this week and hopefully start laying out walls next week. Had our first snow fall down here in town, it didn't stick, but it did up in the foothills, so starting to get the wintery scene going.