Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yeah!!! A Job!

So after a couple months of searching, Chris is back in the world of the employed. It's at a residential treatment center called Mount Saint Vincent Home. Will be working on a boys unit, ages 6-12. Pretty similar to the work I was doing back at Orchard Place in Des Moines, though a little younger. Going in to fill out paperwork tomorrow and then may start as soon as this weekend with the training. Not sure my exact schedule yet, but will be mostly evenings and some weekends. Bye bye social life...They do have similar positions working with the kids during the days at the campus school, but they filled all those prior to me applying. Will be keeping an eye out for any of those openings. Got my foot in the door now at least.

Have signed up for the Muddy Buddy with Mike Heaton this coming summer up in Boulder. Fun little bike/run race with obstacles and mud pits. Started working out and biking for that this week. My new apartment is a block and a half away from the Cherry Creek trail which is connected to all the bike paths in the area. It also runs right past the flagship REI here in Denver, about a 10 minute bike for me, that could present a problem to attempting to save my new income. Short ride to a number of grocery stores and Wash Park, big park with lots of summer activities including a number of grass volleyball games. Love my location and have a feeling will really enjoy it this summer.

Speaking of summer, was in the upper 70s the last two days. Of course, that means it is 30 and snowing today...Another day of this then back up into the 60s by the weekend.

Had the semifinals of my basketball league tournament this last Monday. We were missing one of our better guys and the team we played had some new players we hadn't seen during the regular season...brought in the ringers for the tournament...close, but lost by 4 in the end. Didn't feel too bad about it though, the final was scheduled for that night later on and with our depleted roster, playing another 40 minutes would have been rough. Hopefully will get to play with my team this next season as well, but waiting to see what my schedule will be at work.

On the topic of cutest nieces and nephews in the world, check out the Friedel Kids. I especially like the video of Aidan dancing at the bottom of the page:)

Ok, so it's not the greatest, but I can see the mountains out my window. I don't care if you have to squint, I can see them, so just back off...

One last pic of Japhy at my old place in Boulder. Miss those dogs