Tuesday, December 11, 2007


On one of our volunteer days, we had a pair of communications students come out and shoot some video at our site. You can check it out here. The girl doing the talking is actually from Des Moines and did her undergrad at ISU. Of course that initially caused me to kick her off the site, but then she told me that she would go to Iowa City on the weekends and liked it better there, so was allowed to stay. Anyway, I make two appearances (i.e. the star of the video) Just don't blink cuz you might miss it.

This next one I found utterly disturbing.

Monday, December 10, 2007


So, apparently it snows here in Colorado. Got about 6 inches or so the other day and have another 2-4 coming tonight and tomorrow. That's just down here in Boulder, couple feet of the white stuff up in the mountains. Would have made for a good opportunity to go play up there, but those plans got called off following a rough day at the gym playing basketball. Managed to pull a hamstring, sprain an ankle and turn my left knee and hand into an interesting shade of purple. I remember the hit that caused the knee, but really have no idea about the hand. Nothing too serious, just the kind of things that make the idea of learning to snowboard/fall down repeatedly learning to snowboard not sound so good. Probably should also learn to stop after the first injury instead of trying to break some sort of record.

At work we are running out of indoor things to do, so will either be out in the cold or slowing down quite a bit. Either way, have another week and a half before the affiliate shuts down for Christmas and will be heading back to Iowa where I'm sure the weather is nicer this time of year...