Saturday, May 17, 2008

This is in no way a knock on the Lumina/Animul

So I had biked into the main REI (outdoor store, mom) here in Denver and as I was checking out, the girl saw my helmet and asked if my bike was my main mode of transportation. Thought about it and decided that sounded like a good idea. There's a good trail system and my apartment is so centrally located that everything is pretty close to me. Work is about a 5 mile ride on trails and residential streets, so have been doing that the past week. Hope to just keep my car parked for most of the summer minus any trips into the mountains.

Speaking of disc golf...there's also a course a short ride from my place. So far on the year I am 24 shots up on Mike Heaton. He has had a number of excuses over the rounds from throwing his driver into a lake to his son hiding his putter, but it is clear so far who is superior at frolfing (folfing to some...)

Currently at work covering part of the overnight shift. This is actually as boring as you might think it is. Doing the kids laundry is the highlight of the night. Next week I do the entire overnight one day, so you should look forward to a incoherent post in a week from 5 in the morning. I may actually cry from boredom that night. On the bright side, it means I get Wednesday off too this coming week and my old volleyball team needs a sub that day, so will get to play some more sand vb.

Parents are coming out in a couple weeks and sister is coming in August. That leaves a whole lot of other open times for the rest of you to come out here. My boss is pretty good about time off requests as long as there is enough advanced warning to find subs.

Less than 2 hours to at 3:30, 30 minute ride home, asleep by 4:02:)

Til next time...

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