Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Time to catch up

So, sorry for all those that may have been checking this, desperately waiting for my updates...but there's just too much to do out here other than type on a computer. We did have two days of rain last week, just in time for the Muddy Buddy, but other than that, nothing but sun for three months. Anyway, updates... work is going good, though we have a couple people leaving in the next couple weeks, so that should be fun when the kids find out and act out not knowing how to say they will miss them. I should be getting at least one morning shift/one more night off, so that will be good.

Disc golf, still beating Heaton, at 39 shots now. Current goal is to finally get a hole in one. Have hit the side of the basket twice in the past couple of weeks, that is frustrating.

Did the Urban Assault Ride back in July with a girl Mike works with, Leslie. Bike about 20-25 miles around Denver hitting 8 checkpoints along the way. Each checkpoint has an obstacle of some sort at it. Way fun, and there was an inflatable water slide, big wheel tricycles, and cold beer at the end of it.

Did the Muddy Buddy this past weekend with Mike. Bike/run race where the team has one bike, one person running, one person biking, and you switch off at checkpoints with similar obstacles to get past. As I mentioned above, it rained the two days before. Normally the mud pit at the end you have to crawl through is the muddy part, but the whole course was nice and muddy. Definitely had to walk your bike through several parts.

Did my 14er for this summer, hiked up Mt. Evans with my volleyball friend Jill. As some of you may know, you can drive to within a hundred feet of the top. We did not do this, instead hiking from Summit Lake up Mt Spalding and across the West Ridge that connects it to Evans. Was a sad day for the Lumina, however. Heading up into the mountains and the higher elevation, the engine started to majorly struggle. Around 9,000 ft it was overheating and couldn't go any further. Had to let it cool off for 30 minutes or so, drive back down and take her car back up to the trailhead. Runs ok back down here in the city, but no trips into the mountains until I get that figured out. Bike still runs good though, so that's all that matters I guess.

Picture time!!!

Big wheelin'

I had just smoked some 7 year olds on the course, oh yeah!!!

Not actually in this picture, but this was my favorite obstacle, great ab workout. Other ones were kayaking, keg walk standing on mini kegs, paper boy route on small bike and jousting

Post race, not yet to the beer garden

Cleaning off in the res. Cold, but very refreshing.

In the pit

USGS marker, we made it!

Jill and me at the top

Weird rock in the middle

Yellow-bellied Marmot, they so cute

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